2014-07-01 00:58:17 by Valwing

I'm sorry it's taking me so long to upload more. But! Good news. I have vacation for about a week and I will try my best to finish the work I have been picking at here and there. 
ANYWAY. Here is a tease of the next picture- 
4388943_140419065821_teaseview.pngSorry it's so big lol. 

Wow okay!

2014-06-14 22:39:53 by Valwing

I'm really surprised at all the attention my art is getting. Just wanted to say thatnk you to everyone because of that! Also.. I'm not sure how the rating goes here but I'd like some feedback. I know that a lot of my digital art has errors. I only notice it after I upload it! Haha. Anyway. Comment as you please! And thank you :3

Homework is LAAAAME

2014-06-08 20:58:30 by Valwing

I really despise writing honestly. I am not good at it at all dude. No joke. I feel like I am talking to myself when I upload to my instructor. I dunno. I feel like I am talking to myself here too. 

Back and Busy!

2014-06-08 01:56:12 by Valwing

Yes you heard right. I am back BUT. I am in school now at Full Sail University. So yeah. Check out my new art that is to come and leave me some yummy awesome comments. That is if you want to. 

So ok.

2013-01-06 17:08:17 by Valwing

I moved out of my parents house. I am liviing in Orlando now and I do not have a scanner. And I am stupid. Because I forgot my cord to my camera so I can upload photo's. I don't blame you if you aren't a fan of me anymore. *nod.* But I will *do my best to try and scan and upload when I come home to visit.* And I am *ssooorrryy* It totally slipped my mind. Just trying to get a job and finding a place to live is really taking a toll on me. You know... Stressing me out. *sigh*
Alright. Anyway.
I really apreciate that you have all stuck with me even though I don't upload shit here. So thank you. I love you aaaalll. I mean that.
Also. Here is what I am working on right now--

So ok.

Sorry;;;; Here here here.

2012-12-13 19:23:26 by Valwing

Okay. This is what I have been working on. The only thing. And some sketches. This is too big to scan so. When I finish I will take a picture with a better camera. Tell me what you all think of it so far.
Cyber Elf Knight. Megaman Series.

Sorry;;;; Here here here.

And this is it.

2012-12-03 23:48:21 by Valwing

Hey all.
Sorry there has been no recent art. I am currently working on one right now as we speak. But I keep fucking up so I'm gonna lay in my bed and complain till I get my groove back. And this is me. Fuck my hair.

And this is it.

Important to me.

2012-11-30 14:17:01 by Valwing

My grandfather Carl Heise, was a very important part of my life. I miss the times he took me to Dairy Queen after school and the way he use to pat my dog charlie on the head. I really did value the times I had spent with him because at time I thought he was my only friend when I lived in Ohio. Sometimes I can smell the banana bread my grandmother Ruby used to make when I was around him... But I will always remember how much he loves me and how much he cared about my family. Even at times he couldn't show it I know that he wanted nothing but the best for my dad and everyone else. I just hope he knows we felt the same about him. I don't know what happens but I would like to think he is with Grandma Ruby now. Just sitting next to her and watching Texas Ranger. Or maybe talking about how they raised such a great man, My father. It has been a long time since I held my fathers hand. and it has been a long time since I hugged my mother for so long...
But this is it.. And poppy is in such a better place now. No more suffering, and no more struggling just to walk. There he can fly along side my grandma. I love you poppy. I will never forget you.

RIP Carl Heise 1924-2012

Oh Geez

2012-11-29 12:40:07 by Valwing

thank you for all that supported me like..As soon as I started posting here~ I really means a lot--- THIS PLACE. IT'S SO ADDICTING. I already love it.
In all honesty I really hope I fit in here.;; Even though I act silly and stupid, I can be a pretty nice person. So.
enough rambling.
I hope you enjoy my all my arts. * bows*
Thaank you, thank you~

I'm.. New. I'M NEW OKAY?

2012-11-28 20:18:01 by Valwing

Hello Newgrounds. Why did it take me so long to get here? HELL IF I KNOW.


Oh. I'm just gonna.. Gonna post my aaarrt heerre.