So ok.

2013-01-06 17:08:17 by Valwing

I moved out of my parents house. I am liviing in Orlando now and I do not have a scanner. And I am stupid. Because I forgot my cord to my camera so I can upload photo's. I don't blame you if you aren't a fan of me anymore. *nod.* But I will *do my best to try and scan and upload when I come home to visit.* And I am *ssooorrryy* It totally slipped my mind. Just trying to get a job and finding a place to live is really taking a toll on me. You know... Stressing me out. *sigh*
Alright. Anyway.
I really apreciate that you have all stuck with me even though I don't upload shit here. So thank you. I love you aaaalll. I mean that.
Also. Here is what I am working on right now--

So ok.


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2013-01-06 18:41:03

We'll be here when your life's sorted out, no worries :)

Valwing responds:

; _; thankyou


2013-01-16 11:09:47

hey , long time no see (sorry i was too bussy) , well good luck then with your job and if you need anything just call me :)

Valwing responds:

:3 thanks! I will! <3