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Sorry;;;; Here here here.

2012-12-13 19:23:26 by Valwing

Okay. This is what I have been working on. The only thing. And some sketches. This is too big to scan so. When I finish I will take a picture with a better camera. Tell me what you all think of it so far.
Cyber Elf Knight. Megaman Series.

Sorry;;;; Here here here.


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2012-12-14 06:06:40

Wow, What pen did you use to draw it? :D

Valwing responds:

I used pigma sense 005 marker before I colored. As for the colors, I uses Prismacolor pencils and come crayola.


2012-12-14 21:43:41

You use marker?! I feel it is too hard to control, maybe because it made in China? XD

Valwing responds:

No I used colored pencil X3 lol


2012-12-15 08:21:03

wow O.O i really like the shading , did u went an art school or something like that before ?

Valwing responds:

Hehe, Thank you. And no I didn't but-- I had a lot of help from art class in grade school, middle, and high school. So I couldn't have gotten this way without my art teachers in the past.