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And this is it.

2012-12-03 23:48:21 by Valwing

Hey all.
Sorry there has been no recent art. I am currently working on one right now as we speak. But I keep fucking up so I'm gonna lay in my bed and complain till I get my groove back. And this is me. Fuck my hair.

And this is it.


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2012-12-04 00:48:37

Hair never plays fair... we'll be here waiting for the grooves comeback :3

Valwing responds:

Ah thank you~


2012-12-04 01:53:15

Your hair looks fine. If you're concerned about it, take a shower or a bath, then brush it. You should probably get some sleep, exhaustion does artistic talents little good.

Valwing responds:

Lol... My hair was in the midst of drying from a shower in that picture.


2012-12-04 01:54:52

And unless my eyes deceive me, that is a Kingdom Hearts shirt. I love Kingdom Hearts! I even made a remix of one of the soundtrack from the game. Anyways, what picture are you drawing?

Valwing responds:

Awesome! And I don't want to tell anyone. But it's gonna be cooool 8D


2012-12-04 15:22:16

Well, I followed you so I won't miss it. I wanna seeeeeeeee.


2012-12-05 10:34:41

you have such a beautiful eyes , i'm missing your art

Valwing responds:

:O thank you. And I know DX I really hate being busy sometimes. But I also like it because it keeps my mind busy too.